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Ukiah Wastewater Lift Station Improvements (80MB)

Portsmouth Bid Files (22MB)

Jefferson Shop Building - O&M Manual (11MB)

Hillsboro Loop Drawing AS-BUILT Drawings (2MB)

Hillsboro Aeration - Startup, Interconnect Dwgs, O&M (23MB)

Hillsboro Aeration  -  RE-Submittals (21MB)


Kellogg Creek WPCP - Testing Submittals (16MB)

Tigard 10MG - O&M Manual (10MB)

Aumsville Water Reclamation - Submittals (24MB)

Rock Creek Struvite Recovery - Submittals (20MB)

Benton County Fairgrounds Solar - Submittals (10MB)

Netarts WWTP Electrical Submittal (11MB)

Silverton Hospital Electrical Submittal (8 MB)

Coburg Water Booster Station - Submittals (18MB)

Hebo Water System Improvements - Submittals (29MB)

MacLaren Water System - Submittals (30MB)

Dawson Creek Pre-Submittal (30MB)

McClellan VA Solar Plans - TIFF Files (55MB)


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